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HC08 USB and Wireless USB* Development Board:  $169.00

This kit implements a USB HID class device using a MC68HC908JB12.  The HID class allows you to exchange data with, and control the board without having to create drivers.  We have taken the pain out of getting a HID class device working.  You can use this board as the basis for your own prototype, because we provide full source code for the firmware, and also for the software (written in Delphi) that runs on the PC (Windows 2000 and XP) and reads and writes to this board. We also provide documentation that explains how to add your own features and input/output data. You can add switches, sensors, and LEDs, and more to this board using the 200 pad prototyping area.  The unused port pins are wired to some of these holes, others in the top row are dedicated to Ground and +5V.

To facilitate experimentation and modifying the supplied code; the box header near the center of the board allows connection to the USB MultilinkClick for larger image 08, or the Cyclone debugger, both from P&E Micro Systems

An example project in mixed C and Assembly is included (for Code Warrior).

*There’s an optional socket (located at upper-right) to add a Wireless USB radio module.  This allows use as a Wireless USB bridge or dongle, or as a Wireless HID device. Add $45.00 for this option.  Comes with source code to support this feature.  You will need another board with Wireless USB capability to use the feature. A good choice is our PSoC Wireless USB kit.  Alternatively, you can use another one of these boards, which we will discount by $25.00, including the Wireless USB module. So two of these boards including Wireless USB sell for $403.00.


  • Uses Windows built-in HID drivers, so it requires no files, not even an INF file for installation- Just plug it in, period.
  • Powered by the USB bus, or the programming adapter (not included). There’s also a header for supplying exteral power.
  • Example firmware and software (Windows 2000 and XP) included, so you can get up and running in no time flat.  You can easily modify these examples to suit your needs
  • Uses the 68HC908JB12, with 384 bytes of RAM, and 12K bytes of Flash. This is pin and code-compatible with the JB08 and JB16.
  • Direct LED drive capability 10 or 25 mA (no resistors needed)
  • Built-in keypad interface
  • Supports Wireless USB with optional socket
  • USB cable included

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