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PSoC BoardPSoC Wireless USB* Development Board: $209.00

Our PSoC Wireless USB kit allows you to do PSoC development as well as Wireless USB development. Unused PSoC I/O pins are connected to pads on the prototyping area.  A 5-pin ISSP connector allows in-system programming of the PSoC, or you can plug Cypress’ 28-pin emulation cable into the IC socket for hard-core PSoC development.

This kit includes all of the code, and project files for the examples.  You can modify these examples to suit your own needs for experimentation or product development and prototyping.




  • DC power (4-10V) may be supplied through a terminal block or using the coaxial jack
  • Easy jumper selection of PSoC Vcc: 5V or 3.3V
  • Crystal oscillator for precise timing or timekeeping (or you can use the PSoC’s internal oscillator)
  • In-System programming connector connects to any standard programmer
  • Supports Wireless USB- use this kit alone or with our HC08 USB kit to connect to a PC
  • 8V power supply included

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