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PSoCtm (Programmable System on a Chiptm) is a revolutionary technology that integrates configurable Analog and Digital functionality on a single chip. Rather than a traditional MCU with dedicated digital resources like timer, counters, UARTs, and so forth; the PSoC contains a number of digital blocks that can be configured to provide any of those functions or many more.

Instead of having an A/D on board, for example, the PSoC has an array of analog blocks that can be configured as various combinations of PGAs, comparators, filters, A/Ds, and so forth, with programable interconnects. These analog and digital resources can then have their inputs and outputs flexibly routed to pins.  Not only is the configuration incredibly flexible, but it can be changed on-the-fly!  So these configurable blocks can be re-configured to perform different functions while the system is operating.

This technology is unique, and we were the first in Arizona to be certified by Cypress as consultants for this technology!

For more in-depth information about PSoC, please see the following: PSoC Solutions Brochure

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