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SoPC stands for System on a Programmable Chip. Typically these are realized in FPGAs. We realize them in Altera FPGAs.

A SoPC usually combines one or more embedded high-performance 16 or 32-bit soft processor cores, along with various peripherals, such as communication peripherals, memory interfaces, and other hard-wired logic on a single chip.

Altera’s royalty-free NIOS II processor core can be configured for minimal resource usage, maximum performance, or something in-between, and it can be customized to suit the system requirements, even adding custom instructions and DSP operations that are hardware accelerated and optimized. Performance levels up to 200 DMIPS, and 2GB of external memory addressing. ARM and other processor cores are also available.  Imagine designing your system with a chip that gives you the flexibility to tailor the processor to your needs, and even change processors if your needs change without requiring redesign! In fact, you can even configure your FPGA in-system using an inexpensive cable to connect to a PC.

For more information, please see Altera’s web site.

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