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       Embedded control
We design systems using several popular families of microcontrollers.  We are Cypress-certified for PSoC.  We are a Freescale Design Alliance Partner, using the Freescale 68HC08, 68HC05, 68HC12 families of microcontrollers. We also use Microchip PIC, Ubicom, Hitachi, Zilog, and other microcontrollers.  We can take your project from concept through PCB layout to manufacturing. Click here for more info.

We are Cypress Certified Consultants for the Cypress PSoC (Programmable System on a Chip). This unique technology is a few years old, and combines a RISC microcontroller and configurable and routable analog and digital arrays in a single inexpensive IC.  Click here for more info.

       SoPC (System on a Programmable Chip)
Our name says it all.  We are experts at programming and configuring a circuit board’s worth of functionality on a single programmable chip.  We’ve been doing it for years. That’s not to imply that every application can be accomplished with a single chip. However, many can be, and even experienced people are often surprised by the amazing amount of integration possible and the level of performance available with a single-ship solution (not to mention the cost savings). Click here for more info.

       Analog Design
We design audio equipment for specialized applications as well as signal processing, data acquisition, and industrial control systems.

       Communications Systems
SoPC Company has experience in the design of telephony equipment, and telephone devices for remote control, and communications.  Many of our designs are employed in schools around the country.

We can connect your embedded system to the rest of the world using Ethernet, Wireless USB, wired USB, Infrared, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485


SoPC Company has 20 years experience in custom electronic design.  We can help you with every stage of your project.

Key Benefits

  • Partnerships and certifications from Cypress Semiconductor, and Freescale (formerly Motorola SPS) mean that we provide you not only expert service, but priority access to factory expertise.
  • 20 years of design success
  • Many families of microcontrollers supported
  • A wealth of analog design
  • Communications, Telephony, Instrumentation and control, Wireless, Internet-enabled, Infrared
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